Project 13; Is the UK Construction & Infrastructure Industry ready?

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The UK’s Construction & Infrastructure Industry is experiencing exciting changes. More importantly, the industry is undergoing a period of positive transformation. Key industry players in partnership with government departments continue to build the most exciting and iconic projects to boost the UK economy. Naming a few;  Crossrail One,  Heathrow Terminal 5, Highways England (Smart Motorways) are being delivered to benefit the UK economy. High Speed 2, heralds in another significant infrastructure investment. Therefore, it is important to ask the question;

Is the UK Construction & Infrastructure industry Project 13 ready ?

Project 13 is an initiative recently launched by the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Infrastructure Project Group. Most importantly, the initiative has the backing of the Treasury. Successful implementation of the the initiative will result in a more effective and engaging way of working in the industry. Also, increased emphasis on the importance of  tangible outcomes  and how they will be achieved. As the identification of tangible outcomes from infrastructure has been somewhat lacking in the past.

Project 13 – A New Way of Working

Project 13 seeks to establish a new approach – based on an enterprise. Up until date, the construction/infrastructure industry has constantly delivered projects under rigid contractual arrangements. Resulting in waste of resources, lack of cost savings and lack of collaboration.

An enterprise is defined as an integrated organisation, aligned and organised to deliver better outcomes and benefits for customers from infrastructure investment. Enterprises are more effective in bringing through the right skills and new technologies in infrastructure needed to deliver the right outcomes for customers when set up correctly and collaboratively.

Project 13 – 5 Key Principles

Governance – Defining outcome and value

Organisation – Teams co located with common systems

Integration – Effective teamwork

Digital Transformation – Digital strategy/new business models in place

Capable Owner – Owner functions integrated within the delivery team

5 Key Principles working together

5 Key Principles


Over the next few months I will be writing and facilitating discussions in more detail about the 5 key Project 13 principles. the principles provides space for business transformation in the Construction & Infrastructure industry.