Bespoke Stakeholder Management & Engagement

  • Provision of bespoke Stakeholder management in the construction and Infrastructure industry including proactive engagement with government bodies
  • Establishing key stakeholder relationships and proactive engagement
  • Preparation, delivery and monitoring  of project communications plan

Regulatory Compliance relevant to the UK Construction Industry

  • Advice and monitoring of legally  imposed Undertakings and Assurances and impact on Construction Infrastructure projects
  • Provision of advice on construction and building regulations
  • Health and Safety advice

Advice and support in the field of Entrepreneurship and Innovation creating bespoke  Business Solutions

  • 360 Degree Business set up, business development and coaching for new business start up’s
  • Marketing solutions
  • Accounting and Financial Management

Blog/Vlog  Management

  • We will create, development and manage your Blog/ Vlog when you don’t have the time or resources to do so.
  • We will position your Blog/Vlog to raise awareness of your service and products and push your business to the forefront
  • Advice on how to work Smart and Lean

Increasing the Knowledge stock for future creative solutions

  • Research Papers on a diverse range of subjects  addressing issues and filling existing problem space with significant academic contributions.
  • Watch this space for significant contributions addressing  issues on the effectiveness of dynamic communications in the infrastructure and construction industry.

Investing In Africa

  • Africa is set to become an economic power house by the year 2030. How is it viable to engage and carry out  business  effectively in this continent ?
  • Our “Africa Africa” project  will provide well researched insights into the economic development of African Nations.
  • Watch this space for research papers on new economies in African countries exploring issues like Political risk and volatility, infrastructure issues, agriculture economy issues and currency rate exchange fluctuations

Service Delivery

Quality Control

To measure our delivery of  the highest standard of service we will implement proven quality management systems at the onset of your project.


We love to listen and your feedback and concerns will be regarded as invaluable as we seek continuous improvement in the way we deliver our services

On-going Monitoring

Regular meetings to ensure that we are doing what you have agreed that we do, to deliver an exemplary service

Our Results & Awards

Crossrail Sustainability Award 2013

Crossrail Whitechapel Enabling Works Apprenticeship Scheme in partnership with the Osmani Trust

Crossrail Respect Award 2014

Bespoke Proactive Stakeholder Engagement amidst challenging work packages

Crossrail Inspirational Award 2016

Women’s STEM event